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Catering Compact

Towards Zero Carbon Catering 

"We have been working with our suppliers to drive down carbon emissions in our supply chain in general but we’d now like to focus in on our catering solutions as this is an area where we recognise we can make some significant carbon reductions. With over 80 office locations with a catering offering, we have an opportunity to make a real difference and are delighted to be part of this initiative."

Chris Newton, Facilities Management Director Lloyds Banking Group

This Procurement Compact articulates a market demand for progressively lower carbon catering goods and services. We wish to initiate a dialogue with the supply chain and other stakeholders on how carbon emissions resulting from manufacture, supply and operation of catering services can be progressively reduced in future contracts.

While it is clear that both the supply chain and customers have taken major strides to improve the sustainability of their goods and services, the focus has predominately been more generally on sustainability and waste as opposed to reducing carbon emissions arising from catering operations. Yet the carbon emissions arising from the manufacture, supply, transport and operation of catering services represent a significant proportion of an organisation’s carbon footprint. 

The signatories of the Procurement Compact have different approaches to the delivery of their catering operations but essentially they fall into two categories:

1. A fully managed catering service, where the customer simply provides a footprint from which the contractor operates. The contractor manages the supply chain through sub-contracts to deliver meals on the table.

2. A partial service, where the customer procures one or more of the elements that make up a catering service from one or multiple suppliers, including:

  • Food goods
  • Transport and logistics
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Vending equipment
  • Maintenance of equipment 


Read the Towards Zero Carbon Catering Procurement Compact.

Media Interest

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