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Transport Compact

Low to Zero Carbon Transport Procurement Compact 

"We have made important strides in reducing the carbon footprint of our current fleet framework, but more operationally viable options are urgently needed. This Procurement Compact provides an important focus for both customers and the supply chain to work together to bring progressively lower-carbon vehicles to the market in a cost-effective way."

Steve Duckworth, Head of Sourcing & Category Management – Travel & Fleet, 
Government Procurement Service

This Procurement Compact articulates a market demand for vehicles that can provide a clear path to zero carbon emissions, while meeting our needs for rapid refuelling times and long range. In doing so, we hope to support the investment by suppliers to develop the vehicles, the fuel, and fuelling infrastructure required. 

The customers involved in this Procurement Compact have a common story. We need to decarbonise our fleet operations and to this end have introduced a range of carbon-reduction measures and experimented with alternative vehicle technologies such as battery electric vehicles. We welcome these technologies and the incentives that support them. However, a range of technologies are needed if we are to accelerate progress towards the long-term aim of zero carbon in a way that is practical for our fleets.


Read the Low to Zero Carbon Transport Procurement Compact.

Media Interest

Download the media coverage of the Down to Zero Compacts.


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