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EU Ambition

The mission of The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group (CLG) in the EU is to express business support for the European Union to move to a low carbon and low climate risk society and to work in partnership with the institutions of the EU to secure the policy interventions that are needed to make this a practical reality.

The Group is essentially about driving strategic, long-term, transformational change in the economy which is often frustrated by short-term political economy and decision-making. The Group is focusing on the changes necessary to ensure long-term economic prosperity, competitive advantage and corporate sustainability at an EU-wide level.

Recent examples of activities include a focus on securing an effective EU climate policy for 2030, by influencing the European Commission’s 2030 Climate & Energy legislative proposal and creating the Green Growth Platform. The CLG acts as the steering committee for the Green Growth Platform, which brings together three distinct groups (Ministerial Green Growth Group, Business Green Growth Group, and MEP Green Growth Group). By holding high-level meetings, dinners and summits, this leadership platform creates space for dialogue between business, policy makers and experts in support of an ambitious European decarbonisation agenda.