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Roundtable: How to create decent & fair circular jobs in the EU?

16 February 2024

29 January 2024 – CLG Europe’s Materials & Products Taskforce hosted a closed roundtable, both in Brussels and online, delving into how the shift towards circular economy impacts employment in the EU and beyond, involving approximately 30 stakeholders, including policymakers, civil society representatives, and experts to identify priority actions for policymakers.

Business needs a clear and consistent UK green investment plan

13 February 2024

13 February 2024 - Labour's decision to ditch its £28bn manifesto pledge creates yet more uncertainty for green businesses, writes Beverley Cornaby, Director of the UK Corporate Leaders Group.

Consultant required to co-produce a report for CLG Europe’s Taskforce for climate neutral and circular materials and products

9 February 2024

9 February 2024 - We are inviting submissions for a competitive proposal for the supply and delivery to the University of Cambridge of the services set out in the below specification, in collaboration with CISL Europe.