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Business leadership for a climate neutral economy

As the EU nears the beginning of a new institutional cycle, CLG Europe is embarking on a mission to shape an ambitious business agenda for the upcoming European institutions.

The role of business is not only to deliver on the implementation of the Green Deal and Fit for 55 package, but also to call on policymakers to strengthen and keep developing a policy framework that will address existing gaps and bring positive outcomes for people, the economy, nature and climate.

Climate action and sustainability can play an important role in enabling the EU to face the climate, nature and energy crises. Political and business leadership towards a climate-neutral and nature-positive economy are more critical than ever. The European Green Deal has outlined a vision where economic benefits, sustainability and competitiveness intersect to meet present and future needs while enabling the EU to be a frontrunner globally. This knowledge hub seeks to provide a business perspective, voice and thought leadership on the priorities of the next European institutions and how to achieve the transition towards a climate neutral, nature positive and prosperous EU.

Over the past years, CLG Europe stood up firmly in its support for the Green Deal and the development of policies enabling businesses to build their leadership and scale up business action on the ground. CLG Europe will continue to work with policymakers to deliver a bright future for the EU with climate action and sustainability at its core.




CLG Europe’s latest thought leadership on the next agenda of the European


Green Growth Summit

Businesses and policymakers call for an accelerated green
transition, including an ambitious 2040 target, to increase the EU's competitiveness and phase out fossil fuels.

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Raising European Climate Ambition for 2040

A new policy briefing from the Corporate Leaders Group Europe calls on the EU to set a 2040 GHG emissions reduction target of at least 90% net reduction compared to 1990 levels.

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Op-ed from Ursula Woodburn on the Commission's legacy

As the European Commission president prepares to deliver her potentially final State of the European Union speech on
Wednesday, we must look back at her legacy, Ursula Woodburn writes.

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An ambitious EU Green Industry Strategy

Our education programmes are designed to help the finance sector support the transition to a sustainable future.

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Inclusive Circularity: Creating Decent and Fair Jobs in
the EU

This briefing from the Materials & Products Taskforce covers
essential aspects of jobs in a circular economy, including roles, opportunities, and barriers. It delves into connections with social policies and includes insights from the private sector.

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Nature Narrative Toolkit for Business Climate Leaders

This guide emphasizes the significance of nature for businesses, outlines CLG Europe's focus areas, and showcases relevant projects. It serves as a tool for advocating effective nature policies in support of the European Green Deal.

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Resources and reports

Read CLG Europe’s position paper on ‘Raising European Climate Ambition for the 2040 climate target’ here.

Read CLG Europe’s Policy Briefing on ‘Principles for an Ambitious EU Green Industrial Strategy’ here.

Find CISL’s ‘Competitive Sustainability Index: New Metrics for EU Competitiveness for an Economy in Transition’ here.

Find CLG Europe’s ‘Nature Narrative Toolkit for Business Climate Leaders’ here.

Find the Materials & Products Taskforce Policy Briefing on ‘Inclusive Circularity: Creating decent and fair jobs in the EU’ here.

Materials and Products Taskforce Knowledge Hub

CLG Europe’s Fit for 55 package knowledge hub