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Business leadership for a climate neutral economy
Materials task force

This knowledge hub includes thought leadership from the Materials & Products Taskforce on the Circular Economy Action Plan, circular economy and industrial policy more broadly. These initiatives are to be welcomed as broadly positive in their likely impacts in enabling business to develop more sustainable and circular material use and climate action by them, through their supply chains and consumers.

At the historic COP26 in Glasgow in October 2021, CLG Europe launched the Taskforce for climate neutral and circular materials and products. The vision of our Taskforce is of a group which brings together companies that are actively committed to using climate neutral and sustainable materials, and who raise awareness about the need for EU measures to help decarbonise materials. The Taskforce is a cross-sectoral and cross-value chain group with an ambitious standpoint that builds clear outreach to EU decisionmakers. ​

The Taskforce drives the development, implementation and support of more ambitious, future-proof policies, programmes and initiatives in Europe to create an ecosystem that more rapidly shifts away from the energy and resource intensive production of materials. The Taskforce is doing it through providing a forum for its members to exchange views, creating thought leadership pieces and leading campaigns at key policy moments.​

The Taskforce has established itself as a progressive voice in the space of the Circular Economy, particularly influencing around the ESPR & the Circular Economy Package. Since starting in October 2021, we have published two papers and several analyses and further organised various events. Please see some of our key outputs below.


Key outputs