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Business leadership for a climate neutral economy

06 July 2023 - A new advocacy toolkit released by the UK Corporate Leaders Group aims to help businesses play a leadership role in climate adaptation and resilience.

Download the advocacy toolkit here to learn more.

The impacts of climate change are becoming clearer and closer – being felt here and now. The UK has seen several examples of extreme weather in recent years, including heatwaves, drought and flooding. This makes it increasingly urgent that alongside implementing strategies to reach net zero targets, businesses and governments must step up their actions to adapt to climate change. This is vital to build climate resilience in society and the wider economy.

Preparing for the impacts of climate change and building resilience call for greater leadership from business and government; collaboration between those at risk from climate impacts to develop shared solutions; and unlocking investment to deliver adaptation action.

This toolkit has been produced by the UK Corporate Leaders Group (CLG UK) as a resource for businesses to enable them to show leadership on climate adaptation and resilience. It aims to incentivise and support UK businesses to advocate for ambitious climate adaptation and resilience policies, enabling them to go further in their own adaptation journey and encourage others to do the same.

It aims to give businesses the resources they need to engage in policy debates and wider discussions with stakeholders and citizens around climate adaptation and resilience, as well as explaining why this is important.

The toolkit provides key advocacy messages to help businesses align around core asks on adaptation and resilience. These include:

  • Demonstrating business leadership and ambition.
  • Government to show leadership and support coordination.
  • Using a place-based approach.
  • Financing climate adaptation.
  • Integrating adaptation and mitigation.
  • Using nature to build resilience.

Given the nature of climate adaptation and resilience, this toolkit also looks at a spectrum of advocacy and engagement, from targeted advocacy to influence decision-makers at the national level, to on-going engagement with stakeholders and strategies for businesses to help build community resilience in the geographies in which they operate.

Citing this report

University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL). (2023). UK Policy: Climate Adaptation and Resilience Advocacy Toolkit. Cambridge, UK: CLG UK.

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Citing the report

University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL). (2023). UK Policy: Climate Adaptation and Resilience Advocacy Toolkit. Cambridge, UK: CLG UK.

Authors and acknowledgements

This briefing was prepared by Harry Greenfield, Beverley Cornaby and Serena Liuni. We would like to acknowledge UK Corporate Leaders Group members and CISL colleagues for their input, constructive comments and feedback on this report.


The opinions expressed here are those of the authors and do not represent an official position of CLG, CISL, the wider University of Cambridge, or clients.


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