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Corporate Leaders Groups

Business leadership for a climate neutral economy
How can policymakers and business leaders put Europe and the UK on the path towards economic renewal and climate neutrality?

For over a decade, the Corporate Leaders Groups (CLGs) have helped to reshape the consensus amongst the business community in support of climate action, advocating for a just and positive transition to a climate neutral, resource-efficient and socially inclusive economy.

CLG Europe is a cross-sectoral group, which defines and leads the business response at the European level to securing a just, low carbon transition, while its sister group, CLG UK, offers UK-focused business leadership insight to help shape the UK response to the climate crisis.

Convened by the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), the Corporate Leaders Groups’ members are leaders from cross-cutting sectors including infrastructure, the built environment, manufacturing, consumer goods and services, media, finance and energy production.

Together, our members have been at the forefront of debate on climate action, committed to placing sustainable business models at the heart of what they do. One of the first business groups to champion a net zero ambition and an enabling policy framework, the Corporate Leaders Groups are harnessing the energy and innovation of the business community to help rewire our economies. The Corporate Leaders Groups have become official Race to Zero Accelerators, supporting the UN-backed Race to Zero campaign to build momentum for the global race to net zero emissions.

Join us to support bold actions to shape a net zero future. We welcome progressive businesses that demonstrate leadership and innovation, committed to playing a leadership role in securing a just, zero carbon transition. 

Benefits of joining

  • Real impact on sustainability challenges – helping shape policy decisions and lead the wider business community
  • Access to high level decision-makers and opportunities for meaningful discussions with political leaders and influencers
  • Visibility as part of a small cross-sectoral group of business leaders at the forefront of strengthening climate change policy
  • Opportunities to participate in high-level engagements between business members, senior political leaders, policymakers and world-leading experts
  • Becoming part of CISL’s broader business, policy and academic networks including thought leadership from the University of Cambridge
  • Exchange of ideas and best practice between members to drive credible sustainable business models

Membership types

  • Joint full membership CLG Europe and CLG UK
  • Full membership of CLG Europe only or CLG UK only
  • Affiliate membership of CLG Europe only or CLG UK only
  • Associate membership of CLG Europe only or CLG UK only

If you are interested in your organisation becoming a member of the Corporate Leaders Groups, please contact us.


Impacts and achievements 

The Corporate Leaders Groups have a successful track record of activity in the EU and in the UK. We drive more ambitious policy outcomes to address climate change and broader sustainability challenges through strategic communications and engagement with the highest level audiences. Working with partners in the UK, the EU and globally, we provide evidence to influence the policy debate and support cross-pollination of best practice.


CLG Europe

Supportive of the EU Green Deal as the growth strategy for Europe, CLG Europe has been one of loudest business voices on net zero in the EU. Since our #AimforZero campaign calling for the EU to set net zero goals in line with the Paris Agreement, we have spearheaded a number of campaigns on policies to achieve net zero. Working in partnership with a range of networks, including the We Mean Business Coalition, 2020 saw CLG Europe coordinate one of its most high-profile and successful initiatives, a letter signed by over 200 CEOs from leading businesses, investors, and business and investor networks, calling for EU leaders agree on a binding net domestic greenhouse gas emissions reduction target of at least 55% by 2030. The letter was featured in European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s 2020 State of the Union address. As discussions have shifted towards ensuring the EU delivers on its 2030 target through the Fit for 55 Package – the EU’s energy and climate related legislation, CLG Europe has continued to call for effective and coherent legislation, identifying what needs to be done to achieve the EU’s climate goals. 

Through the Green Growth Partnership, CLG Europe’s strategic partnership with Environment Ministers from the Green Growth group, we continue to provide a forum to promote positive exchange between progressive European governments and businesses, helping to expand CLG Europe’s reach and impact. CLG Europe has also been busy advocating for a green economic recovery and policy change in the wider economic and political context, including most recently on industrial decarbonisation, jobs and skills, and agriculture and food production, bringing forward a progressive business leadership voice for a climate neutral economy through publications, virtual roundtables, events and meetings. 

Below are some highlights of our work:

Flagship reports

Policy briefings

Business briefings

Technical reports





Since the UK Corporate Leaders Group (CLG UK) was founded in 2005 under the leadership of CISL’s patron HRH The Prince of Wales, CLG UK has helped build consensus across the UK business community in support of climate action. It spoke first and loudest in support of the UK’s Climate Change Act, and now sits at the heart of a growing community of progressive business voices around the world.

CLG UK's ongoing mission and role is to continue to offer leadership on the UK economy, by convening significant progressive business voices with credibility to show leadership and furnishing them with the intellectual insight and evidence to make the case for action to policy and business audiences.

The group has clearly taken a position that business and government leadership needs to be pooled to deliver climate action. For example, in its report Bridging the Gap: UK business and policy leadership for net zero, it set out steps for how business and government can work together to bridge the gap between present action and necessary ambition. The group’s leadership has been demonstrated through multiple interventions where it has been able to convene widespread business support from tens to hundreds of businesses for key asks like setting a net zero target and securing a green recovery.

CLG UK launched the UK Business Group Alliance for Net Zero, a formal network of leading business groups working to increase political and business ambition with the aim of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 in the UK.

Members of CLG UK are leaders from a range of industries, including retail and consumer goods, transport and infrastructure, finance, the built environment, and power generation. The CLG is headquartered in the UK, works collaboratively with other actors in the UK and has a footprint extending internationally.

Below are some highlights of CLG UK’s thought leadership and work to engage UK policymakers:

Flagship reports

Policy briefings

Business briefings