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Business leadership for a climate neutral economy

June 2019 – The EU is entering a period of institutional change with a new Parliament and a new European Commission. These institutions will need to develop an agenda that puts Europe on track to end its contribution to climate change by 2050 at the latest while delivering economic and social benefits. This briefing sets out what business sees as five priorities for Europe’s new leaders, identifying the key areas where EU policymakers and businesses must work together to deliver a competitive, prosperous, climate neutral future.

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CLG   Briefing for the new European institutionsThis briefing highlights five priorities to ensure Europe’s resilience from the impacts of climate change and seize the economic and social opportunities in a climate neutral economy:

  1. AMBITION: Aim for climate neutrality and commit to step up the pace of action
  2. ENERGY: Create a smart and integrated approach to energy, mobility and buildings
  3. INDUSTRY: Build a modern, clean and circular industrial strategy
  4. LAND: Transform Europe’s food, agriculture and land use systems
  5. INVESTMENT: Mobilise investment in the clean economy

Citing this briefing

Please refer to this publication as University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL). (2019). A new agenda for Europe: Business priorities to deliver a prosperous, climate neutral economy, Cambridge, UK: The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group