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Corporate Leaders Groups

Business leadership for a climate neutral economy
Aiming for zero 1

One of the main roles of the Corporate Leaders Group is to develop and document insights from the business community that can help support stronger climate action. These outputs underpin many of the key milestones achieved by the CLG over time.

The Corporate Leaders Groups' work covers a range of topics, and the current priority areas are highlighted below. Further themes and categories can be found in the right-hand column.


Key themes


Latest thought leadership

Business needs a clear and consistent UK green investment plan

13 February 2024

13 February 2024 - Labour's decision to ditch its £28bn manifesto pledge creates yet more uncertainty for green businesses, writes Beverley Cornaby, Director of the UK Corporate Leaders Group.

Business networks from across UK support UK government in keeping 1.5C alive

10 December 2023

10 December 2023 – 25 UK businesses, business groups and investors have urgently come together during COP28 to deliver a shared a statement in support of the UK Government COP28 negotiation which aims to keep 1.5C alive.

Business networks from across Europe call for fossil fuel phase out at COP28

9 December 2023

9 December 2023 - 29 Business organisations representing different sectors and different sizes of businesses from SMEs to multinationals have urgently come together during COP28 shared a statement with European policy makers calling for them to support language during the COP negotiations that will set the world economy on a clear path to a tripling of renewable energy by 2030 the doubling of energy efficiency and a fossil fuel phase out.

Policy Briefing: Inclusive Circularity: Creating decent and fair jobs in the EU

5 December 2023

5 December 2023 - CLG Europe’s Materials & Products Taskforce has released a new report on the importance of the connection between the transition to a circular economy and the creation of decent and inclusive jobs for all.

High-level event: ‘From Risk to Resilience: The Business Imperative of Nature Restoration’. On behalf of CLG Europe. Thursday, 7th December, 12.30-14.30 CET, European Parliament (Invite-only).

27 November 2023

The high-profile event is set to take place on Thursday, 7th December, from 12:30 to 14:30 CET at the European Parliament. The invitation-only gathering will explore the role of the Nature Restoration Law in addressing today’s climate and nature crisis, as well as providing tangible examples of how nature and biodiversity projects can support the creation of high quality jobs and the emergence of new economic opportunities.

Thursday, 7 December, 2023 - 12:30

Blog: Tax cuts are not enough to deliver green growth

27 November 2023

24 November 2023 - The Autumn Statement was a missed opportunity to remove barriers holding back the UK's green economy, writes Beverley Cornaby, Director of the UK Corporate Leaders Group.

CLG UK rapid reaction to the Autumn Statement 2023

22 November 2023

22 November 2023 - Today's Autumn Statement outlined the Chancellor's choices and decisions about the nation's finances. The UK Corporate Leaders Group has provided a rapid reaction to the contents of today's announcement.

Nature Narrative Toolkit for Business Climate Leaders

9 November 2023

9 November 2023 - The Nature Narrative Toolkit is a resource for CLG Europe members and business leaders, focusing on how to align climate and nature policies for a sustainable Europe. It offers background information, emphasizes the importance of nature for businesses, outlines CLG Europe's focus areas, and showcases relevant business projects. Essentially, it's a guide for advocacy and discussions on effective nature policies supporting the European Green Deal objectives.

King's Speech casts doubt on government commitment to climate agenda

8 November 2023

08 November 2023 - Beverley Cornaby, Director of the UK Corporate Leaders Group, responds to the first King's Speech held at yesterday's state opening of parliament.

CLG UK rapid response following the King's Speech

7 November 2023

07 November 2023 - Today, His Majesty King Charles III delivered his first King's Speech, which marked the state opening of parliament. The UK Corporate Leaders Group has provided a rapid reaction to the contents and focus of the speech.