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Business leadership for a climate neutral economy
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Since the UN negotiations in Bali in 2007 The Corporate Climate Communiqués have set out a concise business case for an ambitious, robust, effective and equitable UN climate framework. They have offered a progressive global consensus on the shape of an international agreement and on the national policy that is needed for countries to deliver on the global goal.


The voice of the progressive international business community

At the time of their release, The Corporate Climate Communiqués were seen by many as representing the definitive voice of the progressive international business community. The Communiqués have inspired over 1,100 companies in more than 60 countries to call for ambitious global action on climate change.

Support for their messages have come from CEOs around the world, including the US, EU, Japan, Australia and Canada, to Brazil, Mexico, Russia, India, China, South Africa and Turkey; ranging from the world’s largest companies and best-known brands, to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The first Communiqué statement was a key intervention at the UN climate negotiations in Bali in 2007. The third Communiqué, published in the run up to the UN meeting in Copenhagen in 2009, secured overwhelming support at a time of unprecedented focus on climate change. Over 950 companies endorsed the call for an "ambitious, robust and equitable global deal on climate change".


A focus on specific global climate change policy issues

In 2012 the Communiqués took a new strategic direction to focus on specific global climate change policy issues. The sixth statement, The Carbon Price Communiqué, asserted that the core of a cost-effective, pro-business policy framework for climate change is a clear and transparent price on carbon emissions.

Continuing with the new strategic focus, 2014 saw the launch of The Trillion Tonne Communiqué, a call to arms from businesses who take the science of climate change seriously and are demanding a proactive policy response. The Communiqué identifies three clear goals for a policy framework to keep cumulative emissions below a trillion tonnes. Although no longer open for sign-up, these three goals are still relevant today and form part of the ongoing work of The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group.


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