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Business leadership for a climate neutral economy

15 November 2022- The advocacy toolkit is a living document designed to support progressive companies that want to engage in advocacy for ambitious climate and energy related policies by providing an overview of scientific evidence supporting the climate transition, best practices from companies across sectors, policy developments, and examples of advocacy activities and messaging.

Green Circularity

Download the toolkit.

Annex I: Evidence on the economic and energy security related benefits of climate action.

Annex II: Who is who at the EU.

Annex III: Presentation on the Green Deal, Fit for 55 and RepowerEU plan and upcoming political milestones.

Annex IV: Quotes from business leaders.

About the Advocacy Toolkit

The climate and energy crises call for consistent and bold leadership from the private sector and governments. As companies are increasingly aware that policy is a key driver in enabling them to develop and scale up their activities, those which strive to completely integrate sustainability in their strategy and activities are engaging in the decision-making process and supporting ambitious climate policies throughout all sectors of the economy.

The purpose of this toolkit is to provide businesses with a regularly updated resource, informing them of the latest progressive business practices, policy developments and related advocacy. To do so, it sets out what constitutes climate leadership for a business, explains why it is important for businesses to engage on policy, showcases the momentum of businesses taking action and provides examples of positive advocacy.


CLG Europe is an influential and cross-sectoral group of European businesses collaborating to accelerate economy-wide action for a climate neutral economy. Our aim is to provide a forum to promote positive exchange between progressive European governments and businesses determined to support the development of a climate neutral and prosperous Europe.

Visit CLG Europe’s Fit for 55 Knowledge Hub to read more thought leadership on the package. 

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Read the new CISL report on ‘Net Zero Business Transformation - A framework for accelerating change in an era of turbulence and complexity’ here.

Watch the Green Growth Summit 2022 ‘Climate and energy at the crossroads – How to deliver climate action and secure energy for Europeans and the world?’ here.

Read the CLG Europe’s Materials and Products Taskforce’s report ‘Digital Product Passport: the ticket to achieving a climate neutral and circular European economy?’ here.

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