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06 March 2024 - The UK Corporate Leaders Group has provided a rapid reaction to the contents of the 2024 Spring Budget.

Today, HM Treasury's Chancellor of the Exchequer presented the Spring Budget to Parliament, outlining the choices and decisions about the nation's finances.

Beverley Cornaby, Director of the UK Corporate Leaders Group, said: 

"We welcome that the Chancellor is committing £360 million to selected manufacturing and green initiatives but the continued absence of an ambitious UK industrial strategy means we require the Government to set out spending plans across all sectors to unlock climate finance and inward investment.

While the Budget includes some measures to help households in the short term, more needs to be done to support families struggling in the cost-of-living crisis. Net zero solutions (such as energy efficiency measures) can reduce the burden and are cheaper in the long term. 

This is a Budget focused on the next 6 months and an upcoming election, but we need to focus on the next 6 years and beyond to fundamentally transform the economy towards net zero."

The CLG UK response is also available to read in The Independent.

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