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05 July 2024 - Millions of voters took to the polls yesterday for the UK general election, with today's results revealing Labour will form the next UK government after a sweeping victory.

Beverley Cornaby, Director of the UK Corporate Leaders Group, said:

“CLG UK welcomes the new government and looks forward to working with them on the transition to a sustainable economy. Now is the time to reboot UK climate leadership to put us back on track to meet our net zero and nature targets.

The next five years are critical and the new government will have to provide a clear, consistent, long term plan to unlock investment and support businesses in meeting their own targets. This is the biggest economic opportunity for growth and the UK must seize it now."

Alex O'dell, co-Chair of the UK Corporate Leaders Group, and Vice President, GB&I, VELUX, said:

“Congratulations to the Labour Party on the election win. I look forward to seeing its plans to build 1.5 million high-quality, sustainable, and affordable homes come to fruition. With a lot to do in just five years, I really hope the new housing secretary quickly defines a strategy that goes beyond mainly constructing new homes.

"Attention should be placed on creating policies to drive smart retrofitting of existing buildings, including private homes in general, plus social housing and other public buildings. A strong focus on building with sustainability in mind, coupled with essential infrastructure, will help make for better and healthier communities.”

Sophie Miremadi, co-Chair of the UK Corporate Leaders Group, and VP for Global Government Affairs and Public Policy, AVEVA, said:

“The incoming government has made green growth a manifesto priority. At the CLG UK we welcome this: now is the time for business to come together with government and the research sector to implement lasting and measurable change.

"Reaching the UK’s target of 100% clean power by 2030 will require a step change in thinking and delivery. The UK’s strengths in green tech, AI and quantum put us in a great position to achieve this, as part of a structured programme of industrial renewal that will provide good jobs and solid tax revenues.”

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