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19 June 2040 - CLG Europe, convened by the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, publishes a briefing with key recommendations from leading businesses on how to build on a sustainable, competitive and resilient EU.

In partnership with We Mean Business Coalition, the ‘Business Agenda’, entitled “The Green Deal and Beyond: A Business Agenda for a Sustainable, Competitive and Resilient Europe”, acts as a guide for incoming institutions to design strategic priorities for the next five years.

With the European Parliament elections so recent, there is now debate on the way forward. A majority of voters supported manifestos that aimed to progress climate action but the political dial is shifting to the right. The flagship Green Deal should remain a strategic compass for the work of the EU, but now flanked by policies aimed at bolstering social, industrial and competitiveness policy. In the face of a fragmenting world, following a global pandemic, Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine and ongoing economic instability, investing in the clean transition presents enormous benefits.

Now is not the time to slow down action on climate change; instead, we must accelerate our efforts for a sustainable future – and businesses will be essential in this debate.

This publication is composed of a set of recommendations in four key ‘deals’ to build on the legacy of the European Green Deal and to make the bloc more competitive. We are calling for:

  • An Industrial Deal that acknowledges the EU’s industrial base and its role as the world’s largest trading block, which supports the transformation of Europe’s model of production to a climate neutral and nature-positive economy.
  • An Economic Deal that builds on the tradition of strong public services and resilient infrastructures in the EU, which fosters the necessary investments to make European society fit for future.
  • A Social Deal that reflects Europe’s principles of social cohesion and inclusiveness - one that involves citizens in the transformation.
  • A Political Deal that embodies the EU’s values of liberal democracy, accountability and long- term political vision.

In order to be successful, EU institutions will need to aim for systemic change and work in an integrated way towards competitive sustainability on the world stage.

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