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On 10 June, high-level participants from across the mobility sector in Poland discussed the challenges and opportunities of the energy transition in mobility for the country and the wider Central and Eastern European (CEE) region.

The dinner was co-hosted by Jason Rheinberg, Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy in Warsaw. Michal Kurtyka, Secretary of State and the Polish Government's Plenipotentiary for COP24 Presidency at the Polish Ministry of Environment, delivered a keynote speech.

The event built on the findings of a recent report by The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group (CLG) titled The energy transition in Central and Eastern Europe: The business case for higher ambition.

Participants engaged in a lively discussion on the challenges and opportunities of the energy transition in the sector in Poland and CEE and put forward recommendations for future action. Topics for discussion included how the shift to e-mobility represents a unique opportunity for Poland, the advantages the country has to be a central player in this transition, the innovative approaches to policymaking required to deploy low-carbon mobility solutions at scale and Poland’s leadership on that front, the necessary partnerships between policy-makers and industry for the success of the e-mobility shift, the importance of regulation and standards in incentivising innovation, the opportunity for linking the transitions in the energy system, buildings and transport integration, and the potential for exchange of experience and good practice within the CEE region.

This high-level dinner is part of a programme of activities of the Green Growth Platform in Central and Eastern Europe. It was organised with the support of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) of the UK Government, who is part of the Green Growth Group.

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