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Corporate Leaders Groups

Business leadership for a climate neutral economy

12 June 2019 – The UK Government has announced legislation to commit to net zero greenhouse emissions by 2050.

This follows mounting pressure from civil society, public protests and businesses, including a letter of more than 120 corporate leaders and networks brought together by the CLG.

The CLG has been calling on the UK Government to follow the advice of the Committee for Climate Change and set a net zero target for greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Welcoming this news Director of The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group Eliot Whittington said:

“The government has just fired the starting gun on delivery of a climate neutral economy by 2050. This is a tremendously significant move which will send a clear signal to business across the UK and internationally that the net zero revolution has begun in earnest.

“The challenge now is to bring the full innovative potential of the UK economy to bear on this – developing new opportunities and industries that can deliver real competitive advantage for business, while safeguarding our environment and society. 

“A chorus of voices from sectors and communities across the UK have supported the government in making this decision. The challenge now is to deliver on it. Accountability and ownership of this agenda should sit at the top of government and be mainstreamed across UK policymaking, in order to deliver a thriving, competitive, inclusive zero carbon economy.”