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The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group at UNFCCC COP20, Lima

last modified Aug 21, 2019 04:50 PM
3 December 2014 – The Corporate Leaders Group (CLG) and the Corporate Leaders Network for Climate Action (CLN) are preparing for an exciting week of climate discussions in Lima, Peru this month. The groups will be represented at the UNFCCC Conference of Parties (COP), amongst Ministers, negotiators, business, finance, and civil society climate leaders from across the globe. The 20th COP is an essential milestone on the way to securing a definitive global agreement in Paris at the end of 2015.

CISL, the CLG, and the CLN will be involved in a number of events during the COP. These include:

Green Growth Leadership reception

10 December 18.15–21.45. The CLG, in partnership with the British Embassy Lima, the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change, and the Peruvian Environment Ministry will host a high level cocktail reception and dinner, to explore the benefits of the EU Green Growth Platform (GGP). The event will discuss the importance of green growth and ways in which governments can foster growth, jobs, and competitiveness whilst decarbonising their economies, and explore how the GGP concept could be harnessed by Latin American counterparts.

Carbon pricing discussions

The CLG will be participating in two events focused on Carbon Pricing. The first will be co-hosted between the CLG, the International Emissions Trading Association, and the Peruvian government to showcase how businesses to date have operated under emissions trading systems and other carbon pricing policies globally. This will take place on the 6th 14.30–16.00. The event will highlight the vital role that carbon pricing needs to play as part of the 2015 Climate Agreement. The second carbon pricing event, which will take place on 9th 11–12.30, will be run by the World Bank, in partnership with the WBCSD and IETA and along with the CLG and representatives of the CLN. The event will bring together governments and business leaders to discuss how to further the carbon pricing agenda worldwide.

Supporting collaborative actions

CISL, along with the Nordic Council of Ministers, Ecofys and WRI, will host an event to launch an online database tracking the activities of climate initiatives globally – this will take place on the 6th 18.00– 0.00. The database will also be showcased as part of a side-event hosted jointly by CISL, the German Development Institute, the VU University Amsterdam and Ecofys on the 8th, 18.30–20.00. The event will bring together different parties to the UNFCCC to discuss new work exploring the role of Cooperative Initiatives and debate the value of such a framework capturing non-state and sub-national climate action.