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Corporate Leaders Groups

Business leadership for a climate neutral economy

08 April 2014 – Leading global businesses, coordinated by The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group, today urged governments to put policies in place to prevent the cumulative emission of more than a trillion tonnes of carbon. They warn that failure to limit the stock of carbon in the atmosphere will see the world face unmanageable risks from climate change.


The Trillion Tonne Communiqué

The Trillion Tonne Communiqué statement has so far been signed by 70 companies from 5 continents, including major multinationals like Acciona, Adidas, CalSTRS, EDF Energy, ING, Mars, Shell, Tetra Pak, and Unilever, with a collective turnover of at least $90bn. It calls for a "rapid and focused response" to the threat of rising global carbon emissions, and the "disruptive climate impacts" inevitably associated with them. Eliot Whittington, Deputy Director of The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group said: "This Communiqué sends a clear message from business at a critical time, when events in the Ukraine have refocused global attention on energy security, and just as the scientific consensus reminds us all of the imperative of collective action." The Trillion Tonne Communiqué is now open for company sign-up. 

Download the press release (pdf).

Read and sign The Communiqué.