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Corporate Leaders Groups

Business leadership for a climate neutral economy

Studying at Cambridge


Publications' PDFs

10 Years Carbon Pricing Europe ETS

Decade of Progress

CLGs New Vision UK

We Mean Business The Climate has Changed

Trillion Tonne Communique Brochure

Trillion Tonne Communique Infographic

Carbon Price Communique Brochure

Carbon Price Comm Infographic

2 Degree Challenge Communique

The Cancun Communique

The Copenhagen Communique

The Poznan Communique

The Bali Communique

Decade of Progress Graphic


March Council Energy Union Letter

Business letter MSR 24 2 15

We Mean Business IPCC synthesis report statement

PR CLG IPCC AR5 Synthesis Report Reaction 2 11 2014

Letter to President Van Rompuy from Corporate Leaders Group October 2014

CLG PR Climate and Energy package response 23 10 14 FINAL

PR 2030 package 21 Oct Final

NCE Infographic Final Red

NCE Business Briefing Report 2014

Better Growth Better Climate

NCE Business Briefing Report

Future Proofing Sustainable plans for prosperous economies

UK Industrial Strategy Report

21st Century Energy

CLG Renewables Slovakian

CLG Renewables Spanish

CLG Renewables Polish

CLG Renewables French

UK CLG Seize the Day A Call to Action for UK Climate Leadership 29 06 2011

European industry in the 21st century

Future of Europes industry

Future of Road Transport

Renovation Roadmap Making Europe’s homes fit for the 21st Century

CLG policy briefing Building materials

Aiming for zero a growing business movement

Aiming for Zero CLG Position Statement

Briefing Ten years of UK climate action under the Climate Change Act

CLG response to 'A Clean Planet for All' 18 Feb 2019

CEE Energy Transition Report

A new agenda for Europe Business priorities to deliver a prosperous, climate neutral economy

Forging a carbon neutral heavy industry by 2050

Raising European Climate ambition for 2030

Acting Together: How the UK can accelerate action to deliver a thriving net zero economy that works for all

Working towards a climate neutral Europe

CLG Business Briefing Industrial Strategy and CEAP May 2020

The Green Deal and Europes recovery

Maximising the benefits October 2020

Spain Maximising the benefits

Poland Maximising the benefits

Germany Maximising the benfits

EU Maximising the benefits

UK Maximising the benefits

CLG business briefing UK NDC Part 1

CLG business briefing UK NDC Part 2

CLG business briefing UK NDC Nov2020 Final

Impacts of the Ten Point Plan

TenPointPlan E3ME Results Charts

CLG business briefing UK NDC