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Business leadership for a climate neutral economy

Natalie, from Chester, joined CISL in January 2024 as a Project Coordinator, following a career in consulting with a focus on third-party risk management and supply chains. Her interest sustainable and ethical practice began during university while studying the Rwandan genocide trials and their effects on local communities. Bringing prior experience as a trustee, Natalie contributes a nuanced understanding of board-level processes, enhancing her ability to navigate project coordination complexities at CISL. This insight facilitates effective collaboration between our partners and their wider business, aligning with her commitment to fostering sustainable practices across operational and organizational levels.

In her current position at CISL, Natalie collaborates between the Business and Nature team and the International team. Her experience in consulting and dedication to human rights align with CISL's mission to promote sustainability in business. Natalie's background positions her as a valuable contributor to CISL's efforts in bridging the gap between corporate practices and ethical, sustainable approaches.

Natalie Doyle headshot