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30 November 2022 - The European Commission has released the second part of its Circular Economy Package for 2022, the EU’s flagship legislative package that aims to create more sustainable products and materials and enhance circularity. The Taskforce support an ambitious Package, however, calls on policymakers to accelerate action.

Martin Porter, Executive Chair, CISL Brussels said: “The European Commission’s Circular Economy Package is a positive step towards addressing the issues of material use. The proposed revision of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive is an ambitious approach, setting clear targets to push for industrial change. 

Nonetheless, it can be improved through ensuring legislation is sufficiently flexible - to avoid unintended negative consequences. That means it must avoid incentivising recycling for the sake of meeting a target rather than because it is truly the most environmentally friendly option. 

It is disappointing that this Package does not include the file on Green Claims. While it is important that legislation is written effectively, it is crucial that we do not see continued delays, so we hope to see this file released early in 2023.”

Read the Taskforce’s policy briefing on Green Circularity: Advancing the EU's climate goals through a Circular Economy here.

Learn more about the Taskforce here.

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