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Inclusive Circularity report

5 December 2023 – This week, the Taskforce for climate neutral and circular materials and products launched a new policy briefing ‘Inclusive Circularity: Creating decent and fair jobs in the EU’ at COP28 in Dubai. The policy briefing provides an overview of the types of jobs that are needed in a circular economy, the opportunities and barriers around creating decent and inclusive jobs, the links between circular economy and social policies, and the private sector’s views on this topic.

Read the report launch summary.

This event was held during COP28 in Dubai in the GCCA Pavilion, bringing together key stakeholders from industries, business networks and the European Union (EU) to discuss the importance of circular economy, not only in relation to climate goals but especially for resource use and overall economic benefits. Aside from environmental gains, the emphasis was on how circular approaches can amplify efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness, potentially fostering the creation of more than 700,000 new jobs in Europe by 2030.

The report offers various suggestions for policymakers to evaluate and formulate circular economy policies on a global scale, ensuring fairness and inclusivity in the transition. These recommendations include assessing how the adoption of circular economy policies might affect job distribution among all workers, particularly those in vulnerable positions, while utilizing gender-specific data. It also emphasizes the need to secure ample funding for the shift towards a circular economy that prioritizes social justice, identifying the defining features of such an equitable system. Additionally, the report highlights the importance of integrating these aspects into the monitoring of a circular economy's impact, specifically on employment.

The event provided an opportunity for key stakeholders to share their ideas and perspectives on strategies to advance circularity and to share opinions of the benefits of circularity for social and inclusive purposes. This event, moderated by Martin Porter, CISL’s Executive Chair, saw the active participation of Sergio Menendez, President for EMEA Region (CEMEX), Maria Alegre, Global Stakeholder Relations Director (Ball Corporation), Erin Leitheiser, Associate Director, Nature (BSR) and Diandra Ni Bhuachalla, Youth Delegate (European Economic and Social Committee).

CLG Europe’s Taskforce for climate neutral and circular materials and products, consisting of progressive businesses across various sectors and value chains, is committed to driving the development, implementation, and support of ambitious and future-proof policies and initiatives in Europe. Their objective is to transition rapidly from energy and resource-intensive material production to sustainable alternatives that minimize fossil fuel usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

The event successfully brought together experts and stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, facilitating constructive discussions. The conversations underscored the social merits of embracing circularity, particularly in addressing the challenges faced by vulnerable workers. Moreover, there was a thorough exploration of governmental roles in providing support. The event also served as a platform to consolidate insights on the multifaceted nature of circularity, emphasizing its narrative, interconnectedness, and the commendable commitment of businesses toward considering its social dimensions.

Read the Policy Briefing here.

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