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Business leadership for a climate neutral economy

To help illustrate both how the climate transition is likely to impact jobs, and the interaction of these concurrent transformational trends, the report features five case studies that examine the impact of selected megatrends on sectors that will play a key role in achieving climate neutrality by 2050: offshore wind in the UK, automotive manufacturing in Germany, coal mining in Romania, steel manufacturing in Sweden and agriculture in Spain. Each case study demonstrates the potential impact of national and regional policy on the jobs and skills in relation to each sector.

Offshore wind farmA case study on the future employment potential in the offshore wind sector in the UK.

German automotive sector

German auto industryA case study on the importance of the German automotive sector for employment and drivers of change.

Romanian coal regions

Coal regionsA case study on how the renewable energy sector can support employment in Romania in the face of a shrinking coal sector.

Fossil-free steel in Sweden


A case study on how new production processes can help the steel sector in Sweden reduce its emissions while maintaining jobs.

Agriculture in

Orange groveA case study that focuses on how new technologies could help farmers adapt to climate change in Spain, and the skills required to optimise these solutions.

Technology employment and climate change mitigationThis analysis presents scenarios of the employment impact of a switch to new production processes for some of the largest steel producers in the EU.

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