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Business leadership for a climate neutral economy

Learn more about the need for a systemic approach to advancing circular design solutions.

Context and background

This high-level webinar brought together key players across business, academia, and policymaking to discuss the need for a systematic approach to advancing circular design solutions. It was hosted by MEPs Sirpa Pietikäinen and Martin Hojsík. Keynotes were delivered by Jan Huitema, MEP and rapporteur for the new Circular Economy Action Plan. The webinar aimed to discuss how the Sustainable Products Initiative can be improved by addressing the need to upgrade the required infrastructure and change consumer preferences. By bringing together key players, the event provided a unique opportunity to create a dialogue about what stakeholder would like to see from the Initiative. Ultimately, this will have a wider impact on exploring how the EU’s Sustainable Products Initiative can help to accelerate the transition to a climate neutral and circular economy. 

The event was co-organised by CLG Europe's Taskforce on Climate Neutral and Sustainable Materials and Products (Materials & Products Taskforce) and GLOBE EU.

The Materials & Products Taskforce is convened by CLG Europe, an influential and cross-sectoral group of European businesses collaborating to accelerate economy-wide action for a climate neutral economy. Our aim is to provide a forum to promote positive exchange between progressive European governments and businesses, determined to support the development of a climate neutral and prosperous Europe.

Globe EU is a cross-party organisation of Members of the European Parliament. It acts as a platform for debating the viability of ambitious and far-reaching policy proposals on sustainability. It also facilitates the coordination of political action among like-minded legislators in the European Parliament and at Member State level.

Speakers included: 

  • Jan Huitema, MEP and rapporteur New Circular Economy Action Plan
  • William Neale, Adviser for Circular Economy and Green Growth – DG ENVI, European Commission
  • Carsten Wachholz, Senior Policy Manager – Ellen MacArthur Foundation
  • Mirella Amalia Vitale, SVP, Marketing, Communications & Public Affairs – Rockwool
  • Martin Hojsik, MEP, Vice-President GLOBE EU
  • Ioannis Bakas, Waste Expert – European Environment Agency
  • Lucia Reisch, El-Erian Professor of Behavioural Economics and Policy – Cambridge University
  • Johannes Weber, European Affairs Manager – Nestlé

Read the summary note here.

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Monday, 28 February, 2022 - 16:00