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Business leadership for a climate neutral economy
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CLG Europe works to develop solutions on climate change with policymakers and business peers across the world. The group engages at the EU-wide and member-state levels to raise policy ambition and drive the transformation to a low carbon economy, and projects those insights outside Europe by working in partnership on the international stage.


Through its Green Growth Partnership, the CLG Europe works closely with the Green Growth Group of EU climate and environment ministers and supportive Members of the European Parliament, as well as maintaining a network of sister groups across the EU. One of the founders of the We Mean Business coalition, for which it provides the EU policy lead, CLG Europe works in partnership with some of the largest business focused organisations in support of climate action.

The cross-sectoral group is able to convene thoughtful and engaged discussions with policymakers, where the challenges and opportunities of securing a sustainable economy can be explored in a setting that is often informal, intimate and in an atmosphere of trust.

Members of CLG Europe are united by a commitment to work towards a sustainable and prosperous future.  The group is diverse enough that its perspectives will not be limited to any one sector or interest. These characteristics and the high quality facilitation provided by the secretariat allow broader, deeper and more focused engagement with policymakers around the actions required to raise climate ambition, build low carbon policy and drive innovation to deliver a low carbon society.

Whilst many of the CLG’s discussions are featured here, some of the most thoughtful and interesting take place in closed discussions that allow a free exchange of ideas, experience and best practice.


Latest activities

CLG meeting with UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Ed Davey

7 October 2015

13 January 2014 – On 13 January 2013 The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group (CLG) had a positive meeting with the UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Ed Davey. The group expressed their support for the UK retaining its current level of ambition on climate change, and continuing to show leadership in the EU and internationally.

Business leaders urge Europe to keep up ambition on climate

7 October 2015

22 January 2014 – A group of leading businesses including Unilever, Skanska, BT, Acciona, Shell, Philips, Lloyds, and Kingfisher today welcomed the European Commission's White Paper on its 2030 Climate and Energy package, which proposes a target of 40% domestic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, but warned that current proposals must not be watered down any further.

UK Prime Minister supports The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group's call for EU-China relationship to focus on green growth

7 October 2015

26 February 2014 – The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group, together with the Aldersgate Group and E3G wrote to the Prime Minister in November 2013 calling for ambitious initiatives on green growth to be put at the heart of EU-China discussions.

Business representatives from the CLG and Green Growth Platform meet with Members of the European Parliament

7 October 2015

3 December 2014 – The representatives met the MEPs in the European Parliament to make the case for a low carbon economy as MEPs settle into their new five-year mandate. The businesses, including 3M, BT, Doosan Power, EDF Energy, Ikea, Novozymes, Shell and Unilever, enjoyed a dynamic conversation with a cross-party selection of MEPs who congratulated the cross-sectoral group for coming forward with sound evidence.

UK Chief Executives urge PM to end uncertainty over carbon budget

7 October 2015

06 March 2014 – Senior leaders of major companies including Shell, Unilever, BT, EDF Energy, Kingfisher, Anglian Water, and Lloyds Banking Group have written to David Cameron urging him to follow the advice of the Committee on Climate Change and maintain the UK’s fourth carbon budget at its current level.

Business leaders urge action in response to latest scientific report on climate change

6 October 2015

31 March 2014 – Members of The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Groups are calling for urgent action from governments in response to a new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability, which represents the latest scientific evidence.

Governments urged to ensure ‘trillionth tonne’ of carbon is never emitted

6 October 2015

08 April 2014 – Leading global businesses, coordinated by The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group, today urged governments to put policies in place to prevent the cumulative emission of more than a trillion tonnes of carbon. They warn that failure to limit the stock of carbon in the atmosphere will see the world face unmanageable risks from climate change.

Businesses welcome government keeping ambition on carbon cuts

6 October 2015

22 July 2014 – The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group today welcomed the news that the government would stick to its commitment to cut carbon emissions by 50% by 2027, as indicated by the UK’s Fourth Carbon Budget.

The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group at Climate Week, New York

5 October 2015

23 September 2014 – The Corporate Leaders Group (CLG) will be represented at the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s Climate Summit, amongst Heads of State, Government, business, finance, and civil society climate leaders from across the globe.

Video of HRH The Prince of Wales delivered at Climate Week, New York

5 October 2015

23 September 2014 – The patron of the Corporate Leaders Group, HRH The Prince of Wales, delivered a video message on the opening day of Climate Week in New York.

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